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About Enerflex

Continuous Improvement Initiatives

Execution Excellence is driven and facilitated by a series of initiatives undertaken at Enerflex’s various manufacturing facilities, the service branches and/or at the business unit and corporate levels to achieve continuous improvement. The following describes examples of Enerflex’s continuous improvement initiatives.

  • State-of-the-art, modernized and updated, safe, well-organized and clean production facilities in Canada, the United States, and Australia;
  • The Accurate, Complete and Timely (ACT) deliverables program. This system tracks all activities determining a project’s successful execution – from the sale all the way to delivery. The process includes 22 “gates”, or points that provide interim checks and balances, allowing calculation of a “project health index”;
  • Implementation of SAP globally;
  • Implementation of the Sort, Systematize, Shine, Standardize and Sustain (5-S) methodology;
  • Use of performance dashboards, with every department having its own checks and balances associated with being successful;
  • Improvement of communications technology, a plus in the sprawling International markets. Video conferencing is reducing our own and the customer’s transportation and travel costs. Live video feeds from Enerflex workshops allow customers to observe and evaluate the work being completed, reducing the need for site visits; and
  • Installation in our facilities of some new equipment:
    • A beam profiler, providing computer-guided cutting of structural steel for skids, bases and similar items;
    • A plasma cutter, which rapidly cuts intricate shapes with perfect precision, such as base plates, gussets, skid end-plates, and any other flat item; and
    • A profiler, which cuts holes, such as for nozzles in vessels, with speed and precision, reducing labour hours on vessel construction by 10 percent, freeing up as many as eight skilled workers to take on other roles.

These and other improvements to our facilities have increased Enerflex’s ability to execute compression and processing projects for domestic and international markets safely, on-time, and cost-competitively.