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About Enerflex

Quality Management Program

Enerflex is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest-possible quality in its products and services, including those sourced through sub-contractors and other suppliers. Enerflex achieves and maintains high quality through a range of mechanisms, including its Quality Management Program, supporting the Company’s drive to realize its Vision.

The Quality Management Program helps Enerflex to ensure that it designs, manufactures, installs and maintains products and processes that conform to specified requirements and customer expectations. In our United States, Latin American, and MEA operations, we have implemented a quality management system based on ISO 9001:2015.

Critically, Enerflex has all the certifications, authorizations and stamps required for its complete product line, and we are able to work with customers that have exact specifications, including for quality control and testing processes.

The Enerflex Quality Management Program:

  • Is customer-focused, ensuring products and services provide optimum value to our customers, and helping Enerflex to meet or exceed customer expectations;
  • Is a shared responsibility of Enerflex’s management and personnel, requiring active participation by all employees;
  • Supports excellence through controlled and efficient business processes while managing their interaction. Enerflex’s well-trained personnel understand that supplying the optimum products and services is achieved through effective work undertaken to understand the customer’s operation and goals;
  • Promotes effective decision-making based on analysis of data obtained from customer feedback, mutual feedback among Enerflex business units and the benchmarking of internal processes and product/service performance;
  • Exceeds industry standards. Enerflex is accredited by NB, ASME and PP (Canadian Operations Only). We hold current “U” and “R” stamp Certificates of Authorization for the manufacture of pressure vessels and power piping. We also hold a current Certificate of Authorization from ABSA for the manufacture, repair and alteration of pressure vessels, fittings and pressure piping;
  • Encompasses international manufacturing standards. Enerflex has the experience and capability to build to virtually any international industry codes and standards, including API, ASME, CENELEC, NEMA, CODAP, CSA, CE Directives, GOST R, GOST K, ANSI, ABSA, ATEX, IEC, NEC, “U” and “R” stamp, PED, DNV SAA, TEMA, UL;
  • Includes choosing high-quality materials. Our fabrication process uses standard carbon steel of various grades, low-temperature carbon steel and all grades of stainless steel. The welding processes used in our shops include GMAW, GTAW, FCAW, SAW and SMAW;
  • Includes rigorous testing. Enerflex assembles and tests all components and module packages prior to shipment; and
  • Follows quality control processes, including oversight and analysis. Enerflex’s quality control personnel work closely with engineering, purchasing, manufacturing and service to ensure high-quality standards are followed at all project stages.

The quality control manuals used in Enerflex’s manufacturing facilities are customized to the particular work performed by each facility. They detail our welders’ and welding operation performance qualifications, and describe the methods and systems to be employed during the fabrication of:

  • Pressure vessels;
  • Pressure piping in our Canadian operations; and
  • Miniature vessels and registered category “H” pressure fittings.

Enerflex carefully develops and maintains relationships with sub-contractors, vendors and other suppliers through consistent monitoring and evaluation of performance, to ensure that our externally sourced goods and services meet required standards, thereby contributing to the value and quality received by our customers.

Sharing best management practices concerning manufacturing processes and quality management among business units, issuing quality alerts and pooling resources to audit vendors, helps Enerflex drive improvements in how it controls for quality and achieves quality in its products and processes. Enerflex sets targets and uses performance metrics, measuring the results via the Company’s ACT program.