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About Enerflex

Continuous Improvement

Enerflex has placed major focus on a wide range of initiatives and processes that are collectively aimed at achieving what we refer to as “Execution Excellence”. The emphasis can be on a number of things, depending on the specific priorities. For example, in Houston, Texas, we apply engineering capability, within a modern facility, to design and manufacture standardized compression packages through the pursuit of execution excellence.

Overall, Execution Excellence includes:

  • The design and functional quality of the package or system we manufacture;
  • The timeliness of delivery;
  • The efficiency achieved throughout the project’s manufacturing life-cycle, from concept to commissioning;
  • Safety performance;
  • Cost-competitiveness;
  • Quality management and achieving standards;
  • Smooth coordination among participating Enerflex business units, departments and manufacturing facilities; and
  • The ability to follow sophisticated process controls, reporting requirements and documentation.

Enerflex has been pursuing Execution Excellence by implementing an array of initiatives aimed at improving what we do and how we do it. The Company has achieved significant gains in various efficiency metrics, from safety performance to product quality to improved delivery. There is always room for improvement, of course, and even as we achieve targets, we intend to continue raising the bar on Execution Excellence.