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Exceptional Quality

What does it mean, in practice, to be a customer-focused Company committed to creating value for shareholders and a safe, rewarding work setting for employees? It means we are always asking ourselves whether there’s a better way to do things. And by “we”, we mean everyone at all levels – tradespeople, technicians, professionals, and managers.

At any given time we will have multiple continuous improvement initiatives underway. Facilities are being upgraded, processes are being improved, on-time delivery ratios are being increased, and our teams are innovating, figuring out ways to exploit our systems to make us faster, more efficient or even more customer-friendly. We have internal collaboration groups that work on continually improving processes, such as the way we perform design. There is an HSE managers’ group that shares the latest information on best safety practices learned in one facility or location to benefit the rest.

Enerflex has always been results- and accomplishment-focused. Our teams have always wanted to become better at what they do. But today it’s a Company-wide, continuous effort that is a formal part of our corporate strategy, one that never stops. We call the overall philosophy “Execution Excellence”.

Execution Excellence benefits everyone. Here is an example. Purchasing a computer-driven plasma cutter and beam profiler for our facilities allows us to cut vessel nozzle holes and to shape skids faster and with more precision. That’s great for our customers. By automating some repetitive tasks, it frees up welders and millwrights to focus on tasks where their well-honed skills add the most value. That is good for our people and it helps Enerflex make money. That’s good for shareholders – and all employees.

Everyone at Enerflex is part of Execution Excellence. One of its themes is that everyone should “Demand Execution Excellence”. On every job, the team members should ask, “Is this the best we can do?” And if the answer is “No”, then we need to get at making it better. This goes beyond individual jobs to how the whole Company is run. Human Resource managers actually go out and get the views of team members on what they feel the Company is doing right, where it needs to improve and what could be done better.