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Global Presence

Global Presence

Customer Value

Our greatest value to you comes from our people. Enerflex’s regional service team of 75 certified technical specialists includes mechanics, electricians, and control and instrumentation technicians, plus engineering support, providing technical support from commissioning throughout the life-cycle of your equipment.

Our Service

Service visits to your facilities are well-planned deployments. Enerflex technicians are well trained, experienced and highly skilled. Our vehicles are equipped with a comprehensive array of tooling to ensure that jobs are executed according to plan and schedule. We will deliver reliable, safe service, giving you confidence in the completion. Working with Enerflex reduces your operational risks and maximizes equipment uptime, which is always important, but especially so for remote onshore sites and offshore facilities.

Our Safety

We invest extensively in employee training, competence assessment and conformity with a significant focus on regulatory compliance and safety. Our field technicians are trained in, among other things, offshore helicopter safety, including certified underwater escape training. This training is part of Enerflex’s stringent health and safety system, which typically dovetails into the requirements of our customers. Our service vehicles feature the latest GPS/RF in-vehicle monitoring systems equipped with duress alarms, providing a safety net for our technicians via remote monitoring capability. At Enerflex, we take pride in our strong safety performance.

Our Advantage

We understand that our customers are eager to remain current with the progress of shop overhauls and retrofits. Recognizing the vast distances in Australia, we have introduced live video feeds from our workshops. You can observe and quantify, at your convenience, what is occurring right in our service bay. Concurrently, we are increasing the use of electronic tools to improve efficiency and reduce hard-copy paperwork out on the job sites.

A technical value-add offered by Enerflex's engineering team is to provide dedicated support for failure analysis. If something unforeseen goes wrong on a major system or equipment item, we won’t just repair and restore it to top condition, we will analyze and help you understand what went wrong and recommend preventative measures to help avoid a recurrence.

Equipment and Genuine Parts

Enerflex Service in Australia is an OEM distributor of the following equipment and genuine parts:

In addition, Enerflex Service is an OEM supported supplier of the following products and genuine parts to suit various gas equipment applications: