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Global Presence

Global Presence

Capabilities and Solutions

Enerflex has the in-house capabilities for engineering, design, procurement, fabrication, installation, commissioning, and complete product life-cycle support of any size of gas compression package, natural gas processing system, or hydrocarbon facility between the wellhead and the pipeline.

Enerflex’s capabilities across Australia include:

Compression Packages
Designed for long life, high performance, safety, and ease of operation, from approximately 200 hp to 10,000 hp, with a focus on high-specification systems complying with Australian standards. Enerflex manufactures reciprocating, rotary screw, and centrifugal configurations, using gas-fuelled reciprocating or electric drivers.

Gas Processing
Enerflex can handle any sweet or sour gas inlet stream. We can provide both dew point and cryogenic deep cut liquids recovery solutions.

Commissioning and Installation
Value-added services in compression and processing facility commissioning and start-up. Enerflex has the ability to engineer, design, manage, and self-execute the construction of natural gas compression and processing facilities, of almost any complexity and location, onshore, as well as to undertake brownfield work on offshore platforms.

After-Market Service
Enerflex provides a comprehensive after-market service offering of parts, maintenance, equipment overhaul, and field optimization across customers assets within the Australian region, including in more remote areas of Australia, such as portions of Western Australia.

Enerflex provides long-term service capability and shares the risk with the customer in ensuring production is maintained and service schedules are met. In doing so, our customers enjoy the benefit of increased equipment availability and reduced production outages.

Through partnering with our customers we jointly identify bottlenecks and invest in resources to resolve or mitigate the impact of inefficiencies. Examples of this include strategic inventory holding, guaranteed critical stock holding specific to each clients’ individual needs, guaranteed specialist labour availability, and guaranteed technical assistance response times.

Electric Power
Custom and standardized modular and site-built electric power packages from 250 kW to 50 MW using reciprocating gas driven engines. The packages service a myriad of installations using various fuel sources and uses, including "island power" in isolated sites, backup power for pipeline or municipal water pumping stations, and independent power for electrical grids.


Enerflex has a strong on-the-ground presence in Australia, with:

  • Regional headquarters in Brisbane, Queensland Australia;
  • Three regional branches; and
  • Parts distribution out of Brisbane, Roma, and Perth

Product Manufacturing

Compression packages, as well as specialized processing systems such as dehydration and amine plants, typically originate in the Company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas, which serves global markets. We also have the systems and experience needed to accommodate regionally packaged gas processing packages and skids.

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