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Global Presence

Global Presence

Capabilities and Solutions

We are an experienced in-country operator throughout Latin America and a cost-competitive provider with the in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities and strong vendor relationships needed to package multiple OEM brands into the right customer solution, onshore, as well as offshore. All of Enerflex’s systems are designed for uptime, reliability, and safety, and are unmatched in their engineering, selection of components, and manufacturing quality.

Our Latin America teams operate according to Enerflex’s Values-based culture.

Enerflex’s capabilities across Latin America include:

Compression Packages

Designed for long life, modularity, high performance, safety, and ease of operation, from 20 hp to 10,000 hp. Enerflex builds reciprocating, rotary screw, and centrifugal configurations, using gas-fuelled reciprocating or electric drivers. We are comfortable in challenging specialized settings having delivered multiple 6,000-psi compression solutions.

Gas Processing

Gas processing equipment and systems covering every processing step and function from the wellhead to the pipeline. This includes complete turnkey facilities up to 800 mmscf/d inlet capacity, amine plants of up to 1,000 gallons per minute, and fractionation facilities with 120,000 b/d output, as well as much smaller systems for smaller producing fields, and early production facilities. We have achieved superb results in delivering high-performance, high-throughput liquids fractionators with stabilizers. We can handle any sweet or sour gas inlet stream, and we provide both dew point and cryogenic deep cut liquids recovery configurations.

Contract Compression and Processing Equipment

Maximizing revenue and minimizing risk requires a partner that can provide flexible solutions at the speed of today’s market, while guaranteeing reliable operation and sharing your commitment to safety and environmental compliance.

After-Market Service

Value-added services include field construction, site engineering, mechanical service, and complete facility procurement, using expert in-house project teams with direct experience in the Latin America region. We have extensive experience in processing and compression equipment, industry-specific engineering expertise, access to spare parts and components, commissioning, assets under maintenance, and field services. Enerflex’s superb technical specialists will deploy to your producing region or facility, applying their expertise for maintenance, repair, overhaul, or retrofit of your systems.

Refrigeration Systems

We have experience in building refrigeration systems for midstream and downstream applications, using virtually any refrigerant, and chilling with just about any process medium. We have built refrigeration units with up to 10,000 hp of compression power that achieve temperatures below -100° F using centrifugal compression.

Electric Power Solutions

Gas fired electric power solutions primarily for niche requirements in areas lacking electricity infrastructure, with typical applications of 250 kW to 50 MW.

Retrofit and Optimization Services

Maximizing the efficiency of your installed horsepower and extending the life of your legacy compression equipment in ways that make the most economic sense are all parts of Enerflex’s offering. Our comprehensive, industry-leading abilities in retrofit and optimization services represent true cradle-to-grave care and support for your compression equipment.