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Global Presence

Global Presence

Customer Value

The source of Enerflex’s value to compression and processing asset owners is our unique combination of intellectual capital accumulated over 41 years of global operations, superb manufacturing capability in Houston,Texas, and Calgary, Alberta, a customer-focused regional team and cost-effective locally sourced labour.

We understand the requirements and specifications of customers operating throughout the MEA region, including the longer project cycle and the focus on long-life systems. With a 41-year history, Enerflex’s extensive record producing high-quality systems with thorough engineering and design to standards that often exceed industry requirements, is tailor-made to satisfy these needs.

Beyond our commitment to technical excellence, we are equally committed to our customers’ economic success, viewing all of our products from the customer’s standpoint as cash-producing assets – wherever they may be located. This includes the ability to efficiently service remote and/or infrastructure-poor areas through our modular systems approach, which simplifies field installation. Alternatively, we are pleased to supply equipment and systems to customers preferring traditional on-site plant construction or “stick building”.

Our value to you is strengthened by our demonstrable commitment to safety, and quality including strong performance metrics. And we are a worthy partner from a risk-management standpoint, being a financially strong Company with a solid balance sheet. Enerflex has a Quality Management program in place and has obtained ISO 9001:2008 certificate.