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Global Presence

Global Presence

Shop Services

Enerflex maintains a network of well-equipped shops operated by experienced technical personnel, situated in oil and gas producing regions across the United States. We are qualified and equipped to perform complete overhauls and rebuilds of compression engines and drivers.

Some jobs are too difficult to perform in the field, and in those cases, we will:

  • Dismantle and remove the field equipment and transport it to our facilities;
  • Perform all the required work to standards that meet or exceed OEM specifications;
  • Conduct thorough testing and quality control; and
  • Return, reinstall, re-commission and test the overhauled equipment.

We also give you options to minimize equipment downtime and throughput interruptions, including:

  • Engine exchange programs. Instead of having you wait for the overhaul, we will rapidly swap your used engine for a factory-certified reconditioned and warranty-covered engine with equal or better capabilities; or
  • Short-term rental equipment from our extensive fleet.