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Safety is a fundamental value at Enerflex, integrated into our culture.

Our policies, procedures, and systems are designed to not only maintain HSE performance excellence and drive improvement, but also protect our people, customers, and the community. We continue to implement and enhance the following:

  • Occupational health and wellness programs;
  • Inspection and incident investigation procedures;
  • Environmental management; and
  • Other initiatives intended to reinforce Enerflex’s safety culture.

The Company performs annual internal safety system audits, as well as periodic comprehensive third-party external audits, ensuring each location meets or exceeds industry standards and the Company’s HSE requirements. Enerflex is committed to ensuring employees have the required training, equipment, and resources to do their jobs effectively and safely.

Our HSE policies govern how we will manage our operations to protect the health and safety of our employees, contractors, visitors, the public, and the environment, while complying with or exceeding all applicable laws, regulations, industry and internal standards, and stakeholder expectations. Enerflex’s constant HSE goal is no harm to people, no damage to the environment, and effective control of all identifiable risks.

Enterprise-Wide Health and Safety Programs:

  • Behaviour-Based Performance is designed to elevate overall safety standards and improve the safety culture through employee engagement, safety conversations, and standardized operations.
  • Automated Hazard Identification System helps employees to identify risks and to alert management, so mitigation controls can be implemented, creating a cycle of continuous improvement in worksite safety.
  • Stop Work Authority gives every employee the responsibility, authority, and empowerment to stop work when unsafe actions or conditions could lead to an accident or environmental damage. Stop Work Authority involves a “stop, notify, correct, and resume” approach.
  • Daily Safety Topics are communicated on relevant and wide-ranging themes often drawn from learnings gathered through hazard observation analysis or from real events.
  • Monthly Statistical Reporting and General Safety Meetings help identify common trends across locations and departments, sharing lessons learned for improvement.
  • Structured Safety Committee Meetings, involving management and employee representatives, include follow-up and corrective actions assigned.
  • Entrenched Quality Management Systems at manufacturing facilities, certified to ASME Section VII, ensure that Enerflex produces safe, operable equipment in accordance with governing standards and customer specifications.