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Understanding Our Business

Enerflex’s platform delivers a powerful and value-creating array of natural gas and oil infrastructure solutions. Our products and services form a complementary lineup, each element of which strengthens or is strengthened by other elements. This is how we generate revenue – a mix of product sales and recurring after-market service activity – achieve EBIT margins and create value for our shareholders. Our lineup rests on a strong foundation of capabilities including engineering, design, manufacturing, project management, logistics, assets under maintenance, and service.

The items on this page describe Enerflex’s products and services.

  • Compression

  • Gas Processing

  • Service

    Integrated Solutions
  • Electric Power

  • Rentals

  • Retrofit

  • Integrated Solutions


Among Enerflex’s core product offerings since its founding. The Company is a leading provider of reciprocating and rotary screw compression packages, driven by reciprocating gas-fuelled engines or electric motors. Larger packages can cost approximately $2 million each. Enerflex has millions of horsepower installed in gathering systems and processing facilities.

Gas Processing

Processing is required in virtually all gas fields worldwide. There are multiple applications, from basic dry gas dehydration, to dew point liquids recovery, to deep-cut cryogenic processing, plus particular processes used in underground storage, liquefaction facilities or petro-chemical plants. Enerflex offers them all, as well as the related compression systems, plus the ability to construct field facilities and install and commission systems.


Enerflex is a trusted service provider, helping to keep gas fields operating with expert technicians, global parts sourcing, round-the-clock service capability and engine repair/overhaul, supported by a network of locations. Along with rental systems and assets under maintenance, after-market service generates recurring revenue, a strategic goal for Enerflex.

Electric Power

Enerflex supplies custom and standardized modular and site-built electric power packages from 250 kW to 50 MW using reciprocating, gas driven engines. The packages serve a myriad of installations using various fuel sources and uses, including “island power” in isolated sites, backup power for pipeline or municipal water pumping stations, and independent power for electrical grids.


Enerflex provides value to its customers and a strong source of recurring revenue for the Company through its extensive compression and processing equipment rental program across Canada, the United States, Latin America and globally. This increasingly common business model enables producing companies to direct capital to drilling wells, while maintaining strategic control over their field infrastructure.


Providing cradle-to-grave support for our customers’ compression equipment worldwide, by levering the Company’s industry-leading abilities in retrofit and optimization services, generates a significant source of recurring revenue. Enerflex provides comprehensive services that maximize the efficiency of the customer’s installed horsepower over its full service life, economically extend the life of legacy compression equipment, and upgrade functionality using current electronic technology. Enerflex also provides surplus equipment brokerage.

Integrated Solutions

Enerflex is able to supply customer-driven trends for turnkey solutions on centralized facilities in large producing fields. Enerflex supplies the full range of capabilities and all scopes of work. These projects can generate significant revenues over multi-year contracts.