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Oil and Gas Solutions

Customer Value


We aim to be number one in gas compression across a range of applications and for multiple uses worldwide. Enerflex can engineer, design, and fabricate a wide range of products, and efficiently ship anywhere worldwide. This simplifies our customers’ procurement process and enables global energy companies to call the same trusted provider for all their compression needs anywhere.


When Enerflex ships your equipment, that is not the end of our relationship. It is just the beginning. We intend to be with your package over its entire life-cycle. Enerflex has a wide service presence spanning oceans and continents, a large product support group, and an integrated parts distribution system. In short, comprehensive after-sales support.


We have a reputation for doing what we say we will do. We strive to be cost-competitive and to meet our customer’s schedules. We understand that your compressors are a cash-generating economic assets and our central objective is to help you maximize throughput to make the most of your installed compression horsepower.

Our performance typically goes farther. We have increased the sophistication of our quality and safety systems. We continue to push the technology envelope, incorporating better engine technology and electronic control systems, particularly to reduce emissions of nitrous oxides (NOX) and to increase the customer’s operating flexibility. Our packages don’t just come with PLCs, but with feature-laden operator interfaces that provide numerous control parameters, alarms, diagnostics – and remote monitoring of the whole package.