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Oil and Gas Solutions

Reciprocating Compression

Reciprocating Compressor

A positive displacement compressor that uses pistons in the cylinders driven by a crankshaft to deliver natural gas at a higher pressure.

Gas Engine

An internal combustion engine which runs on a gas fuel, and delivers the power to drive the reciprocating compressor.

Aerial Cooler

An air cooled heat exchanger that provides cooling for engine EJW, engine AUX-W and process gas (each stage).

Suction Scrubber

A custom engineered process vessel that removes traces of liquid droplets from the gas stream to protect downstream equipment from damage and failure.


A custom designed structural steel skid providing support of all equipment, for placement on a customer supplied foundation.

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Proper design and careful assembly are crucial to the long-term success of a reciprocating compression installation, and Enerflex excels in this area. With over three decades of innovation in reciprocating compression package design, we offer a diverse selection of standards, as well as fully custom packages for worldwide modular delivery.

Enerflex manufactures reciprocating compression packages from 20 hp to 10,000 hp. We have designed and built thousands of modules in this range, while seeing a trend towards larger horsepower, more centralized compression to optimize field operating costs. We also have extensive experience with electric drive motors.

All of our packages meet or exceed all relevant industry standards, including vibration and pulsation control in the compressor, vessels, piping, cooler, scrubbers, and exhaust system. Enerflex’s extensive experience and engineering knowledge are applied to every element of the package. This includes well-designed skids that can withstand the dynamic load created by the torque and interaction of the many moving elements.

Enerflex packages Ariel, Dresser Rand, and GE compressors along with Caterpillar and INNIO's Waukesha gas engines. We work closely with Howden Thomassen Compressors B.V. in serving the low-speed traditionally the API 618 reciprocating compressor market.