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Oil and Gas Solutions

Rotary Screw Compression

Rotary Screw Compressor

A type of compressor which used two meshing helical screws (rotors) to compressor the gas (i.e. rotary type positive displacement mechanism).

Electric Motor

An electric motor is an electrical machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, and delivers the power to drive the screw compressor.

Suction Scrubber

A custom engineered process vessel that removes traces of liquid droplets from the gas stream to protect downstream equipment from damage and failure.

Gas-Oil Separator

A custom engineered process vessel that is designed to remove oil from the gas stream in an oil flooded rotary screw compressor application for re-use upstream for rotor lubrication, sealing, etc.


A custom designed structural steel skid providing support of all equipment, for placement on a customer supplied foundation.

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Enerflex offers 20 hp to 3,000 hp field-proven custom and standard rotary screw compressor packages built to any technical specification, for moving large volumes at lower suction and discharge pressures. We apply our technical understanding to optimize your flow-rates even under challenging conditions such as sour gas service, leveraging our manufacturing facilities to produce well-designed and durable packages.

Enerflex’s screw compression packages meet all relevant industry standards and are available in a vast range of horsepower, with either gas-fuelled or electric motor drivers. Compressor manufacturers used include Howden, Frick, and Mycom. As with our reciprocating compression packages, we are happy to work with the customer’s vendors of choice. We use these same manufacturers when designing/building electric motor driven rotary screw compressors for propane and hydrocarbon refrigeration packages.