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Oil and Gas Solutions


Gas compression is the foundation of our business and today, with thousands of our packages installed in over 70 countries worldwide, we continue to innovate and offer our customers sophisticated, integrated compression solutions designed to their specific requirements.

Enerflex’s reciprocating, screw, centrifugal refrigeration, and rotary vane compression packages cover the complete range of applications and gas inlet streams, from low-horsepower/low-pressure applications such as coal seam gas and solution gas vapour recovery units (VRUs) to high-horsepower, multi-train centralized field or processing plant compression.

While most of our packages are for onshore installation, we have the experience to supply offshore specifications and requirements, for fixed structures and FPSOs. Our packages are driven by gas-fuelled reciprocating engines, as well as variable speed electric motors – whatever suits your needs.

Enerflex’s compression packages are engineered, designed, and fabricated in our manufacturing facilities in Houston, Texas and Calgary, Alberta. As a global business with over 41 years of experience, Enerflex and its employees are familiar with international regulations, technical and building codes, and emission standards. Our compression packages meet or exceed all relevant industry standards. Our engineering and design capabilities, however, go far beyond existing standards to cover the complete package – pressure vessels, piping, cooling, anti-pulsation/vibration, utility interfaces, exhaust system, skid, and the PLC or digital control system.

The result: superior operating and production up-time thanks to our packages’ reliability, durability, extended service intervals, and decades of field operating efficiency.