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Oil and Gas Solutions

Condensate Stabilization

Condensate Feed Drum

Inlet condensate is fed to this vessel where vapour and liquid are separated. The liquid is sent to the feed bottoms exchanger and the vapour is sent to a compressor (VRU / Inlet / Sales)

Feed Bottoms Exchanger

Condensate from the feed drum is fed to the feed bottoms exchanger to heat it up prior to the stabilizer tower. Product from the bottom of the tower is cooled on the opposing side of the heat exchanger prior to being sent to the product cooler.

Stabilizer Tower

Condensate flows down the stabilizer tower through trays or packing and is contacted by hydrocarbon vapour that flows upward in the tower.

Stabilizer Reboiler

Liquid hydrocarbon / condensate is boiled in this heat exchanger through the use of heat medium and fed into the bottom of the stabilizer tower for contacting with the liquid condensate stream. Stabilized product is produced at the outlet / bottoms stream.

Product Cooler

Stabilized liquid product (condensate) is cooled to required product temperature.

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Enerflex designs and manufactures high quality condensate stabilization packages to process your C5+ liquids. Whether at the inlet of your process or after the de-ethanizer, Enerflex can provide a stabilizer package for your specific application. C5+ liquids can be prepared for transportation via rail, truck, or direct injection to the pipeline.