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Oil and Gas Solutions

Cryogenic Processing

For more than 50 years, Exterran has been a leader in delivering full-service turnkey energy infrastructure solutions. In particular, Exterran’s modular cryogenic processing systems, such as the C200 and C300, have been unparalleled and have earned recognition as industry-leading installations. Wherever they deploy, clients across the United States know they can depend upon the C200 and C300 to safely, reliably, and efficiently recover natural gas liquids (NGLs) from natural gas sources,

With the recent acquisition of Exterran by Enerflex, clients can expect not only access to customized cryogenic solutions, but also the legacy Exterran cryo products they know and trust. Exterran’s proven teams will continue to manufacture the same Exterran systems in the legacy Exterran facilities (Broken Arrow, Oklahoma) while compression and other process oriented modularized solutions will continue to be manufactured in Houston. By combining the best elements of both companies, we can now provide our partners with the only fully integrated natural gas processing, compression and recovery system in the industry.

Even though you will see the Exterran name changing to Enerflex, this is not the end of the Exterran products – this is the beginning of the Exterran products as part of the Enerflex family of solutions.

Our Promise to You:

Exterran Products Are Not Changing:

Enerflex will continue to use Exterran’s current line of cryo products. The Exterran line of products – in particular the C200 and C300 – has achieved industry-wide recognition as best in class for good reason, and we fully intend to maintain this standard of excellence.

Broken Arrow Will Remain Open and Operational:

Exterran’s facility in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, will remain open and operational – managed by the same Exterran team, simply as part of the larger Enerflex family.

Cryogenic Solutions

As best-in-class industry leaders in cryogenic compression and recovery systems, Exterran’s Cryogenic systems (a part of the Enerflex family of Solutions) are engineered with turbo expansion technology for efficient NGL recovery from natural gas streams ranging from 15 MMSCFD to more than 300 MMSCFD. Highly reliable, industry-proven designs, such as the Gas Subcooled Process (GSP), Recycle Split Vapor (RSV), Overhead Recycle (OHR), and Single Column Overhead Recycle (SCORE), are used to meet our partners’ varying requirements.

Ultra-Low Temperatures from Ultra-High Recovery

Cryogenic processing cools liquids-rich natural gas to sub-zero temperatures to extract liquids — such as ethane (C2) and propane (C3) — prior to injecting lean residue gas into the sales pipeline. Maximizing recovery of these valuable hydrocarbon liquids increases revenue for our partners.

Enerflex industry renowned cryogenic plants are modular for ease of transport and field assembly, with fully digitized controls and interfaces. Turboexpander units can operate at temperatures as low as -112°C (-170°F) to achieve deep ethane and/or propane recoveries = (≥) 99%, depending on the process scheme.

Flexibility Built into Every Cryogenic System

Enerflex also provides multi-train facilities either through an integrated system with several sub-plants within a plant complex, or a complete turnkey solution, including field construction and installation. Enerflex’s design for cryogenic plants include:

  • Molecular sieve dehydration.
  • A highly efficient turboexpander.
  • Optimized thermal integration,
  • Mechanical refrigeration
  • Additional options such as inlet and residue compression, mercury removal, hot oil system, pipeline pumps, amine treating, and TEG dehydration, and NRUs