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Oil and Gas Solutions


De-Butanizer Tower

The debutanizer tower separates the butane overhead and the pentanes plus at the bottom of the tower.

De-Propanizer Tower

The de-propanizer towers separates the propane overhead and the bottoms of the tower containing butane plus are fed to the debutanizer for further separation.

De-Ethanizer Tower

De-ethanizer tower is the first tower in a typical fractionation train that separates ethane overhead and the heavier hydrocarbon through the bottom of the tower that are fed to the de-propanizer tower for further separation.

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Enerflex has built efficient and safe high-throughput fractionation systems with an output of 120,000 barrels per day. Enerflex offers a standardized design that can be customized to the user's specific requirements. With multiple skids required for each tower (de-ethanizer, de-propanizer, de-butanizer), a conventional modularized approach can be used (as shown above) or an alternate design that uses groups of six modules, stacked three high, with towers to capture ethane, propane, butane, and condensate plus stabilizers can be used. The design facilitates a single sales pipeline and a separate transport mode such as dedicated pipelines and terminals for rail and truck.