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Oil and Gas Solutions

Liquids Recovery

Liquids Handling

Consists of a tower and re-boiler where liquids from the LTS are sent to produce liquids to a certain specification. Light ends are flashed off in the tower and sent to the inlet of the plant or other compression, while the liquid is contacted with hydrocarbon vapour from the re-boiler using packing or trays in the tower. The bottoms product is then sent to a cooler prior to being sent to storage or injected into a pipeline.

Gas to Gas Exchanger

The heat exchanger at the inlet of the plant is where the process gas stream is cooled down on the tube side upstream of chiller. The shell side heats up the vapour stream from the LTS prior to sales compression. Glycol is injected to prevent hydrate formation.

Refrigeration Loop

Provides cooling duty for process gas stream to be cooled in the chiller. This consists of an evaporator/chiller where the refrigerant (propane, ammonia) is boiled on the shell side and process gas is chilled on the tube side, a refrigeration compressor with associated equipment, condenser and receiver. Optional equipment includes a sub-cooler and economizer.

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We understand our customers’ desire to maximize the value of their hydrocarbon stream by extracting valuable natural gas liquids. This includes extracting streams rich in propane or ethane. Enerflex provides a variety of customized systems using traditional refrigeration (-40°C) and cryogenic (-100°C) processing, whether your focus is dew point control or deep cut liquids extraction. We will design the system that gives you the balance of technical and economic performance that you are looking for, tailored to the precise makeup and conditions of your raw gas stream.