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Oil and Gas Solutions


Installing your own field infrastructure is capital-intensive, but renting compression equipment through Enerflex provides a great way to maintain strategic control over your field infrastructure while directing your capital, expertise, and attention to their best uses: drilling wells and developing your plays to their full potential. This is an increasingly common business model for exploration and production companies – and Enerflex has the capabilities to provide full support.

Renting is fast, flexible, convenient, and tax-efficient. Levering decades of rental experience and a network of field locations, Enerflex provides rental coverage across Canada, the United States, Latin America, Middle East, and in international markets. We have one of the largest compression rental fleets in Latin America, Canada, and the Middle East, a growing presence in key U.S. plays and we can ship worldwide.

Enerflex rental compression ranges from 50 hp to 10,000 hp, and is available in screw, as well as reciprocating configurations. Our rental fleet is relatively new. All units are operator-friendly and suited for both cold and warm-climate operations.

Technical Services

Enerflex maintains and services its rental fleet, using its extensive field service branch network. This approach lets you reduce not only your capital expenditures but field labour costs as well.

Our technical team can remotely monitor the equipment’s performance and alert the customer when it is time to change the compression horsepower or other parameters. We even guarantee 95% uptime on our contracted compression equipment. The result is that Enerflex takes virtually all of the time and worry out of operating field compression and processing.

Fast Response

Our rental inventory is based and expertly serviced. Rental items from our inventory can be delivered and installed in your field in as little as two to four weeks, versus 26 weeks for a typical new build. We are also pleased to provide custom-engineered and fabricated compression equipment for longer-term rental.

Short-Term Rentals

Short-term rentals are also available. This is a great option to:

  • Maintain throughput during maintenance turn-arounds or unforeseen shut-downs;
  • Bring new production on-stream right away, while permanent infrastructure is on order or being installed;
  • Assess a new field’s long-term potential before committing to the key parameters on your permanent compression and processing equipment; or
  • Handle any other unforeseen events that leave you short of compression capacity.

Please contact Enerflex Rentals for further information.