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Oil and Gas Solutions

Retrofit Services

No other provider offers Enerflex’s service range, integrated capabilities, or extensive experience. Whatever the job, we always strive for enhanced performance, higher uptime, and longer service life in a safe package that meets all design standards and codes. Please click on any service listed below for further details.


We are fully adept at this common procedure to optimize reciprocating compression horsepower. The need to re-cylinder is driven by the variations in suction pressure that any producing field experiences as new wells are added or older wells go through natural declines. We can provide complete application engineering, or work with your company’s equipment specialists to come up with the best re-cylindering plan. Changing compression pressure also often requires modifying or changing the package’s process, vessels, and pipe sizes and/or cooler sections, and Enerflex will always provide a solution that is technically suitable and safe for the intended application.

Stage Changes

When field parameters change significantly, re-cylindering may not be sufficient and field compressors will need additional or fewer stages. We are experienced at efficiently conducting stage changes in the field or in the shop, minimizing lost throughput time, and bringing your field to greater efficiency. Where we see opportunity to save you money by redeploying or swapping compression packages instead of changing stages, we will let you know.

Driver Change-Out

Having assembled and serviced thousands of compression packages over a period of decades, Enerflex is intimately familiar with virtually all compression driven engines and the opportunities a given type may present for efficiency gains in a particular application. Our thinking goes beyond gas-fuelled engines to encompass today’s trend towards variable-frequency electric drives on larger compression packages. We will help you plan your switch to the driver that is best-suited for your compressor’s future use, and then provide engineering and design work to carry out the job.


Those under 14’-wide “skinny skids” that were originally selected for ease of containerized shipping have distinct limitations. Many producers find themselves wanting wider skids and in some instances an enclosure for protection from the elements. Enerflex’s efficient facilities enable cost-effective and well-engineered skinny skid conversion into wider platforms, with or without the building, in portable or self-contained configurations.

Sweet to Sour Conversion

The producing sector’s shift from developing dry gas in conventional reservoirs to liquids-rich gas in shale and other resource plays means that more and more of the natural gas produced across North America is slightly sour. With the majority of historical compression packages built for sweet uses, many producers need to convert compression packages to sour service. We will change the package’s vessels, piping, and instruments to H2S-compliant specifications while re-using the skid, driver, and compressor. That will achieve a well-engineered, robust, and safe conversion while helping you make the most out of the economic opportunity.

Engine Overhaul

Compression driven engines are designed to last, but after limited hours in service, as per OEM guidelines, they will require an overhaul and rebuild. The Company provides expert engine overhaul using experienced factory-trained technicians and OEM parts. Overhauled engines receive careful quality control and come with a one-year warranty.


Some older compression equipment no longer meets the changing air-emissions regulations, such as the EPA’s Quad Z rule covering stationary combustion engines in the United States, as well as standards across the world. Enerflex keeps abreast of these changing standards and is able to efficiently carry out required upgrades of controls, install catalytic converters, and modify or replace exhaust systems.


We want you to achieve the best operating economics and to minimize fuel consumption and emissions by maximizing your use of total available compression horsepower. Enerflex understands optimization – what the goal is, and how to go about it in a dynamic field environment, where flows and pressures are in almost continuous flux. We will look at what is happening across your field and also consider the rest of your fleet, as we draw up a plan that combines redeploying equipment as well as physical changes such as upsized compression cylinders or different drivers. We can even optimize your entire fleet (see below).

Fleet Review

You can lever the gains from optimizing individual compression packages by having Enerflex review your company’s compression fleet – either field-wide or company-wide. This is a formal engineering study that will identify opportunities to redeploy packages where they can be put to the best use, while listing the exact repair, retrofit, upgrade, and overhaul requirements for each equipment piece. Our combined approach maximizes the impact of your retrofit budget on your fleet-wide compression horsepower efficiency.

Control Panel Upgrades

Many legacy compression packages are still run using pneumatic controls. Converting to programmable logic controllers (PLCs) run by a modern digital panel – perhaps as part of a field-wide SCADA system upgrade – gives you much better control over compression operations, reduces your field labour hours, and lets you view detailed field data reports in your office. Enerflex can manage the acquisition, installation, and programming of the PLCs and control panel upgrades.

Surplus Equipment Brokerage

Need compression equipment, fast? Enerflex is making the most of its market intelligence in creating a great new service for customers. Since we already hear about most of the plans to deploy compression equipment across multiple regions, we realized there was a great opportunity to help buyers and sellers alike. Enerflex’s surplus equipment brokerage brings together producers in need of quick equipment delivery with those looking to dispose of surplus equipment.