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Oil and Gas Solutions


Tertiary Treatment

Sabian® Black Walnut Shell (BWS)

Tertiary Produced Water Treatment Sabian Black Walnut Shell Filtration Sabian® Black Walnut Shell (BWS) Filters are high-efficiency, cost-saving performers, removing the smallest traces of oil and solids that remain in produced water after other treatments. The system removes oil in water and total suspended solids (TSS) achieving a target water quality of <5ppm. A single vertical vessel can deliver throughputs up to 50,000 BWPD and horizontal configurations are designed up to 150,000 BWPD with a turndown capability of 45%.

Each small-footprint, easy-to-install unit incorporates a patented internal backwash cycle that uses no moving parts and minimizes backwash volume. These features save you capital, auxiliary equipment, site space, energy, filter media and downtime.