Smaller Footprint, Bigger Impact

Enhancing Environmental Performance Every Day

The world currently relies on hydrocarbons to reliably meet energy needs, but we recognize and expect that future energy demand will continue to be met in part by a growing proportion of renewable energy sources. While continuing to deliver natural gas solutions, the Company pursues and will continue to pursue opportunities that benefit the global effort to address climate change, including:

  • Identifying economic energy and emissions reduction opportunities in our operations;
  • Identifying energy efficient procurement opportunities;
  • Exploring new Energy Transition solutions, including for carbon capture utilitization and sequestration, renewable natural gas, electrification, and hydrogen; and
  • Partnering with customers to provide low-carbon solutions, ensuring the environmental impact of their operations is minimized.

Minimizing Our Environmental Impact

We have made it our responsibility to understand the environmental impact of our operations and work towards minimizing our footprint, including by:

  • Voluntary reporting on the Company’s GHG emissions;
  • Implementing recycling and other waste management initiatives;
  • Reducing air emissions in all manufacturing facilities by transitioning to low VOC paint and VOC free thinner;
  • Implementing policies to avoid standby running for vehicles and operating equipment; and
  • Lowering our usage of freshwater by:
    • Mandating the use of recycled water for pressure testing vessels and pressure washing at our USA manufacturing facility; and
    • Local initiatives, such as using collected rainwater for pressure washing certain compressor packages in Colombia.

Minimizing Our Environmental Impact

In 2021, Management established an Environmental Assessment Committee responsible for:

  • Identifying opportunities to enhance environmental performance across Enerflex’s facilities and fleet.
  • Helping achieve the Company’s goal of quantifying its global Scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions inventory.
  • Expanding collaboration across our organization and operations to identify and evaluate key environmental risks and opportunities for our business.
  • Helping develop ESG disclosures to be responsive to stakeholder expectations.

Over the past few years, climate-related risks and opportunities were further integrated into Enerflex’s strategic planning and investment decisions. In early 2021, the Board appointed a Chief Energy Transition Officer, responsible for progressing the Company’s energy transition strategy, and identifying, evaluating, and driving low-carbon energy product and service solutions.