Building a Better Energy Future

We know the journey starts today, not tomorrow. And that it starts with us.

We are Enerflex – the builders of a better energy future.

We are a global energy services company with over 40 years of experience deploying and servicing equipment, infrastructure, low-carbon, and water treatment solutions. Our goal is to meet the energy needs of today while preparing for the energy challenges of tomorrow. We innovate collaboratively to make energy infrastructure more reliable, more connected, and more efficient – for our customers and for the world.

We have over 4,500 employees working in over 70 locations worldwide. Our operations run in every environment on earth, from the arctic to the desert. We operate globally, but think locally. How can we make a positive impact on the communities and people around us? How can we leverage our expertise to make a difference? These are the questions we ask ourselves. And the questions we’re pushing hard to answer, every day.

We began in gas compression, refrigeration, and after-market services in Canada in 1980. With grit and determination, we earned a reputation for technical excellence and reliability. And – with our core values of integrity, commitment, creativity, and success to guide us – we grew into the worldwide energy services organization we are today. Now, our infrastructure business allows us to reach far beyond cyclical needs, enabling us to thrive throughout the ups and downs of energy market.