Driven by Our Vision

Guided by our Values

Transformational and ever-evolving, Enerflex operates across global energy markets, delivering solutions in natural gas processing, cryo, refrigeration, compression, low-carbon, and electric power, with in-house engineering and after-market service, contract compression, and infrastructure assets.

Enerflex’s solutions are flexible and scalable investments, from retrofits and replacement units to Build-Own-Operate-Maintain or Integrated Turnkey projects.

The Company was founded in 1980 in Calgary, Canada as part of the pioneering wave of unconventional oil and gas exploration in Alberta. Today with operations spanning the globe, employees are working together and TRANSFORMING ENERGY FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE. These guiding principles of the business have been a source of consistency and resilience through many business cycles. From the executives to frontline operations, we live by our values.