Decades Of Experience – History Of Proven Success

Enerflex engineers, designs, manufactures, and services mechanical refrigeration systems for a wide range of applications across the oil and gas, chemical, and other industrial markets. We offer hydrocarbon, freon, ammonia, CO2, and other specialty refrigeration systems that can process as little as 10 tons of refrigeration (TR), or 35 kW to 20,000 TR, or 70 MW, with temperatures as low as -100°C (-150°F).

Enerflex’s refrigeration systems are engineered in all sizes, for many applications, using a variety of compressor OEMs and refrigerant options. We offer simple closed-loop refrigeration, to complex designs like open-loop, cascading, and mixed refrigerant systems

Enerflex is specialized in designing refrigeration solutions that can meet the most stringent requirements of API standards. We have partnered with multiple OEMs for different product lines and have flexibility to offer a reliable and cost-effective solution to meet customers’ requirements. We apply the right compression solution – rotary screw, reciprocating, or centrifugal to fit the application. Our OEM partners include:

  • Screw compression applications: Howden, Frick, and Mayekawa; and 
  • Centrifugal compression applications: Elliott, MHI, Siemens, and Atlas Copco.

Enerflex’s designs incorporate a variety of compressor drivers such as electric motors, gas engines, steam turbines, and gas turbines

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The Enerflex Portfolio: Transforming Energy into Value

  • Process Refrigeration
    • Refinery / Petrochemical
      • Process hydrocarbon cooling
      • Vapor condensing and gas chilling units
      • Glycol / water and heat transfer fluid chilling units
    • LNG Liquefaction
      • Natural gas pre-cooling units
      • Turbine inlet air chilling units
      • Mixed refrigerant units
      • N2 refrigeration units
    • Hydrocarbon Import / Export Terminals
      • Main product refrigeration units
      • Tank boil off gas (BOG) compression and condensing units
    • Storage Tanks
      • Tank BOG compression and condensing units
    • Midstream Gas Processing
      • Dew point control units
      • Column overhead condensing units
      • Cryogenic plant pre-cooling units
    • Ammonia Fertilizer Plants
      • Product refrigeration units
      • Tank BOG compression and condensing units
  • Industrial Refrigeration
    • Industrial Gases
      • Process gas cooling and condensing units
      • Air chilling units
    • Power Plants
      • Turbine inlet air chilling units
    • Pharmaceutical Plants
      • Glycol / water and heat transfer fluid chilling units
      • Cryogenic and low temperature refrigeration units
    • Food and Beverage
      • Central refrigeration units
    • Ammonia Absorption Systems
    • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Liquefaction Plants

The Enerflex Advantage

  • Dedicated engineering teams specializing in the design of refrigeration solutions that can meet the most stringent API standards.
  • Service technicians experienced with refrigeration equipment and available OEM parts, including preventive maintenance programs.
  • Hydrocarbon, freon, ammonia, CO2, and other specialty refrigeration systems.
  • Designed to worldwide codes and regulations: ASME, PED, CRN, NR-13, KGS, and CU-TR (GOST) for pressure equipment; and NEC, CEC, IEC/ATEX, CSA, CU-TR (GOST), AS, INMETRO, and KOSHA/KTL for electrical equipment.
  • Modular design with shop trial-fit.

Enerflex in Action

  • Plaquemine, Louisiana, USA

    6,800 TR Propylene Refrigeration System for a Three-Stage 14,000 HP Electric Motor Drive Compressor on Two Levels

    Enerflex engineered, designed, and manufactured a commercial propylene refrigeration system capable of providing cooling loads to three sets of users as part of an ethylene propylene diene monomer (a type of plastic) expansion project, located in Louisiana. 

    Due to our extensive experience supplying similar modular refrigeration systems, the customer turned to Enerflex to design a solution for the largest of these projects to-date, representing some of the heaviest and most sizable equipment constructed by Enerflex. The completely assembled unit without the drivetrain is approximately 86’L x 56’W x 44’H and includes a 9,000 tons of refrigerant (TR) water-cooled condenser with 100” diameter shell, and 5,800 tubes weighing over 105 tons (231,485 lbs).


    The 6,800 TR propylene refrigeration system includes a three-stage 12,000 HP electric motor driven centrifugal compressor, and the drivetrain, which comprises 12 modules and two levels. The grade level included a propylene receiver, a high pressure sub-cooler and knock-out drums, water chiller, relief and drain headers, and a suction and discharge piping rack. A propylene condenser sits on top of the second level. Enerflex’s modularized approach, including pre-assembly at the Houston manufacturing facility, minimized costs and maximized the efficiency of field installation for the commercial refrigeration system.

  • Kazakhstan

    350 MMSCFD Refrigeration, Gas Gathering, and Compression System

    This was a three-year project for the third train of a gas processing facility in northwest Kazakhstan. The project is part of the customer’s plan to double production.


    Enerflex provided a unique refrigeration solution using three screw compressors, each driven by a 3,700 HP (2,800 kW) gas engine with a step-up gearbox spinning the compressor at 2,000 RPM. The project required three screw compression units — two duty and one standby — including the associated refrigeration plant, all provided by Enerflex. Enerflex’s European team completed the initial design, with the Houston team completing the detailed design and manufacturing of the custom packages.

    Enerflex also provided the sales gas compression plus overhead compression for the processing plant, which included two sour two-stage reciprocating compressors, six sales gas compressors — all driven by 3,700 HP gas engines, as well as two smaller gas engine driven reciprocating compressors — with a rated throughput of 350 MMSCFD.