More Resilient, More Efficient, and More Profitable Processes

Natural gas cogeneration (CPH) solutions offer an effective way to reduce energy consumption and costs, while at the same time directing valuable resources where they are most needed. Whether your business is industrial or institutional, we have a solution that fits your unique needs.

Any process that uses electricity, heat, or cooling should investigate how Enerflex cogeneration and trigeneration can take waste energy and turn it into a production advantage.

CHP uses local natural gas supplies to power cogeneration systems using reciprocating natural gas engines. This power source can be isolated from the grid to ensure continuity of operations even if the grid is unavailable. Heat produced by the engine is recovered as hot water or steam, to be used in downstream processes.

If cooling is required, heat can be used as an energy source in an absorption chiller to create chilled fluid for use in refrigeration or air-conditioning systems. Recycling can be taken one step further if CO2 is used in the production process. CO2 can be recovered and scrubbed from the engine exhaust to the highest standards. It then becomes an asset, to be used in the food and beverage industry’s carbonation process or in greenhouses for growth enhancement of plants.

As experts in the design and fabrication of complex systems, based on reciprocating natural gas engines, Enerflex offers complete turnkey solutions for industry. Our expert teams guide partners from initial feasibility studies to complete integrated turnkey and long-term life cycle service.