The Ultimate Renewable Fuel Never Stops Flowing

Turning Wastewater into a Reliable Energy Source

As energy costs rise and carbon reduction becomes a priority, local authorities and municipalities need to move to more economical renewable energy solutions, running on sewage gas, delivering cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP), helping wastewater treatment plants meet long-term sustainability goals.

Reducing Waste and Emissions from Cogeneration

The process of treating wastewater generates biosolids which need to be managed in anaerobic digesters, which in turn produce a methane gas called sewage gas. Enerflex has extensive experience and practical know-how to install gas-to-energy systems which can produce electricity and heat onsite from often overlooked resources.

Enerflex’s sewage gas-to-energy solutions efficiently and reliably convert sewage gas into electricity. This solution can supply the wastewater treatment plant the majority of the power needed, as well as heat to keep the water treatment process optimized.

Sewage Gas to Power. Enerflex Delivers.

Enerflex is the Jenbacher Distributor and Service Provider for Canada and also provides Jenbacher products and lifecycle solutions across most USA states. The Company is also a global Platinum Power Packager for Waukesha engines and parts. For detailed product information about the different INNIO engine types and applications – click here.

Enerflex in Action

  • Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

    Wastewater Treatment Plant Turns Sewage Gas into 1,426 kW of Renewable Electricity

    Enerflex provided a complete modular solution for converting sewage gas from a wastewater treatment plant into 1,426 kW of renewable electricity, which is consumed in a behind-the-meter generation approach. The solution featured Enerflex’s containerized sewage gas-to-energy solution consisting of a Jenbacher JMC420, a gas conditioning module, an e-house, and a step-up transformer.


    Enerflex provided a fast cost-effective solution to turn sewage gas into significant energy savings. Enerflex provides continuous life cycle maintenance to this facility.