Natural Gas Conditioning to High Specification

Onshore and Offshore Process Compression Worldwide

Natural gas processing plant compression is a vital link in the value chain. Enerflex brings extreme precision to the equipment that controls gas pressure into and out of processing plants to achieve specified outputs.

Offshore and Onshore Systems

Offshore compression on floating production, storage, and offloading vessels (FPSOs), or other onshore / offshore units used to recover or re-inject associated natural gas, require specialized approaches. Enerflex has developed its own systems for the reinjection of natural gas to increase production, particularly where the flaring of natural gas is prohibited by operating regulations, or where pipeline access is unavailable or uneconomic.

Broad and Specialized Process Compression Capabilities

Enerflex develops all major forms of process compression, utilizing reciprocating, rotary screw, centrifugal, blower, or sliding vane technologies, including:

  • Hydrogen  
  • Helium
  • Methane
  • Nitrogen
  • CO2
  • Chlorine
  • Sour Gas
  • Acid Gas Reinjection
  • Digestor and Landfill Gas
  • Boil-Off Gas
  • Fuel Gas Boosters 
  • Process Air
  • Instrument Air
  • Syngas
  • PSA Feed and Tail Gas Compressors

Enerflex in Action

  • Morgan’s Point, Houston Ship Channel, USA

    Boil-Off Gas Compressor and Ethylene Terminal

    Enerflex worked with a key customer at Morgan’s Point to install two Ariel KBK/6 three-stage reciprocating compressors, driven by 1,500 HP / 720 RPM Teco electric motors. The team customized the units to match the small site footprint, such as an overhung first-stage discharge bottle, which kept the pedestal as low as possible to avoid high vibration on equipment frames. Enerflex also carried out torsional and acoustical DA3 analysis and provided 24-hour commissioning services to troubleshoot onsite.

    The high-specification package included — pneumatic cylinder bypass unloaders and pneumatic head-end valve unloaders, on-skid unit recycle valves, packing water cooling, non-lube cylinders, long two-compartment distance pieces, packing purge with flow meters, external flywheels with pneumatic barring devices, motor driven pre-lube pumps, in-line LO immersion heaters, on-skid LO coolers, duplex LO filters, on-skid drip pots, and Allen Bradley control panels.


    All contractual requirements were met during the eight-month project and engineering labour hours came in under budget.

  • Charlotte, Texas, USA

    Sour Service Injection Compressor for Oil Well Reclamation

    As part of an oil well production upgrade, Enerflex provided two JGA/2 compressors with tandem cylinders, driven by 350 HP Toshiba electric motors, operating over a speed range of 900 RPM to 1,800 RPM, thanks to a 400 HP Toshiba variable frequency drive, provided by Enerflex. 

    Each package was provided with a local Allen Bradley unit control panel, which was remote-mounted with a 15-foot umbilical cord and a second HMI for remote monitoring / control providing additional safety for operators — which was mounted inside a ship-loose junction box. Both units were designed for sour service (1.9% H2S) and had a final discharge pressure MAWP of 9,000 psig. Each unit was designed to reinject sour service gas back into the oil wells to enhance production of oil recovery efforts.


    Enerflex worked with the customer to troubleshoot the installation, as well as mechanical challenges associated with higher than predicted H2S content and unexpected debris, which was found in the gas stream. Respirators were required while onsite due to H2S exposure risk.