Versatile Solutions with Proven Performance

Designed to Optimize Gas Throughput at Lower Pressures

Rotary screw compression uses two meshing helical screws or rotors to compress gas in a positive rotary displacement mechanism. Enerflex supplies a range of field-tested rotary screw compressors from 20 HP to 5,000 HP in standard and custom designs, which can move large volumes at lower suction and discharge pressures.

Enerflex applies technical insights from thousands of installs to optimize flow-rates even under challenging conditions such as sour gas service. We use our own manufacturing facilities to fabricate tested, optimized, and durable solutions.

Enerflex’s screw compression packages meet all relevant industry standards and are available in a broad range of horsepower, using gas-fuelled or electric motor drivers.

Broad and Specialized Rotary Screw Compression Capabilities

  • Gas Lift
  • Booster / Pipeline
  • Overhead
  • Residue
  • Gathering / Wellhead
  • Inlet
  • Storage
  • Reinjection
  • VRUs
  • Coal Seam Gas (CSG)
  • Offshore Floating Production and FPSOs
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

Enerflex in Action

  • Pasadena, Texas, USA

    Rotary Screw Compression Project for Rail Car Unloading

    Enerflex’s customer utilizes refinery grade propylene (RGP, also referred to as P/P mix) as a feedstock in the manufacture of cumene. RGP is transported via truck, rail, and pipeline to a 76-foot diameter spherical store.
    Enerflex replaced redundant Frick units with two Howden WCV-204 compressors, driven by Siemens 200 HP motors producing 1,800 RPM.

    These units unload liquid propylene and propane mixtures from rail cars by pressurizing vapour from the main storage tank into the rail cars and displacing the contents to the tank. A cyclical process recovers vapours from empty cars by reducing pressure inside them, condensing, and transferring the product back to storage, while controlling the pressure in the main tank at all times.

    The system operates API 619 compressors, with API 614 lube oil system, including dual oil pumps, a single shell and tube oil cooler, dual oil filters, and insulation and heat tracing. The system incorporates drivetrain torsional and lateral analysis, suction scrubber, secondary coalescer for 1 PPM maximum oil carryover, and a Siemens S7 PLC control panel.


    The project was a close and successful collaboration between the operator and the Enerflex Calgary team. Software simulation tests were performed before the units were shipped from the Houston facility, minimizing commissioning delays. The system entails multiple operating modes along with compressor / valve configurations. Crucial integration between existing systems and the complex new Siemens PLC program were carried out by Enerflex. 

  • Roma, Queensland, Australia

    High Horsepower Rotary Screw Compression

    Enerflex fabricated and assembled 19 hubs in North America, which were disassembled and containerized for shipment to Brisbane, Australia. Each hub contained four screw compressors and inlet separation. The four-piece skids came complete with compression equipment, coolers, and electric motors.

    The Enerflex engineering team designed the units to gather low pressure (200 kPag) coal seam gas and compress the gas to 1,900 kPag. The first package underwent a complete string test to verify the function and operation of the design in Calgary. The second unit was also manufactured in Calgary to optimize the design before fabrication of the remaining 69 compressor packages completed in our USA facility. 


    This project is the first in the world to produce LNG from coal seam gas. The sales gas is transported to Gladstone, converted to LNG, and exported.