From Concept to Construction and Beyond

The Best of Enerflex All-In-One

Build-Own-Operate-Maintain (BOOM) is a single, end-to-end solution for faster gas-to-market strategies. Enerflex’s experienced BOOM team manages every aspect of natural gas processing and treatment facilities, water treatment facilities, and compression plants, including operations and maintenance, so production can start with total confidence. Enerflex then assumes responsibility for operations and maintenance to ensure quality, safety, and reliability. This model allows customers to focus on core activities, monetizing their assets, while Enerflex takes responsibility for the project.

Fixed Costs, Lower Risks

Enerflex’s BOOM model covers end-to-end gas processing facilities, compressor stations, gas pre-treatment for LNG, electric power stations, and pipeline facilities. Modular design is ideal for major projects, reducing costs, simplifying the supply chain, minimizing maintenance, and integrating electrical, instrumentation, controls, and automation systems. Enerflex manages all subcontractors, eliminating friction between disciplines and suppliers, and takes care of liaison with communities and government agencies. 

BOOM partnerships give fixed treatment and disposal costs for the period of the contract, making operating costs extremely accurate and meeting all installation standards. Enerflex assumes all health and safety, and environmental risk. Options are available for the purchase of the system at the end of the contract.

Enerflex’s BOOM solution allows your company to focus on fundamental operations, while Enerflex takes responsibility for everything else.

Proven Success Delivering Full Stream Solutions

BOOM – Concept to Operations

  • Enerflex’s BOOM Solutions
    • Build-Own-Operate-Maintain Solutions 
    • Fixed Costs For the Duration of the Contract
    • Lower risk
    • Covers full project scope from initial concept to operating the facility for an extended period of time
  • Engineering and Design, Including FEED Studies
    • FEED Study Design
    • High Level Solutions Design
      • Standard or Custom 
    • Process Engineering
    • P&IDs
    • Detailed Drawings
    • Full Cost Estimate and High-Level Project Plan 
  • Procurement and Fabrication
    • Raw Material and Component Procurement
      • Equipment OEM Alliances
      • Preferred Relationships with Third-Party Service Providers
      • Buying Power Provides Cost Savings
    • Modular / Skid Fabrication and Assembly
      • Latest Manufacturing Processes and Technologies
    • Quality Control
      • Region Specific ISO Certifications
      • In-House Trial Fit Capabilities
  • Global Logistics
    • Integrated Network for Packing, Shipping, and Delivery for Ease of Installation in the Field
    • Manufacturing Facility Located Near Southern USA Tidewater Ports and Western Canadian Gas Fields
    • Strategic Relationships with Third-Party Logistics Providers
  • On-Site Construction and Installation
    • Mechanical, Civil, Earthworks, Concrete, and Structural
    • In-House Project and Construction Management Team 
    • Project Controls to Maintain Line of Sight on Cost and Schedule
    • In-House Expert Technician Network
    • Deep Product Knowledge Mitigates Potential On-Site Setbacks 
    • Strategic Relationships with Third-Party Providers and Local Contractors
  • Commissioning and Start-Up
    • On-Site Testing
    • Expert Technicians Available Ensuring Ease of Start-Up
  • Operations and Maintenance
    • Day-To-Day Plant Operations
    • Preventative Maintenance
    • Extensive Parts Supply
    • Major Overhauls

The Enerflex Advantage

  • Extensive experience in executing reliable and profitable BOOM projects globally.
  • Faster gas-to-market by partnering with Enerflex for your entire project.
  • Enerflex’s infrastructure financing solutions offer the best value for both our clients and partners.
  • While you focus on your fundamental operations, we take responsibility for the design, build, commissioning, operations, and maintenance of your natural gas compression, processing, and power generation facilities.

Enerflex in Action

  • San Luis and La Union, Sahagun, Colombia

    42 MMSCFD BOOM Compressor Station

    Enerflex engineered, designed, manufactured, pre-commissioned, commissioned, started up, and performance-tested two gas compression stations linked by 30 km of 6-inch flexsteel line, in approximately 40 weeks. Each 42 MMSCFD station has two Waukesha 7044 with Cooper MH series compressors. 

    This accelerated BOOM project included retrofitted fleet compressor packages. It is a standalone station with full compression, gas generation, control, and safety systems on standby. This is a 10-year contract with one of the largest gas producers in Colombia.


    The plant was completed before the customer’s deadline, within budget, and with full HSE recognition. The flexsteel line links the gas plant with the national gas pipeline in Bremen, a key section of the infrastructure along the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

    Total man-hours worked on this project were over 200,000, with no lost-time incidents.

  • Sadad North Field, Oman

    10 MMSCFD of Gas and 12,500 BBL/D of Liquids BOOM Processing Plant

    Enerflex in Houston manufactured reciprocating compressors, electric motors, hydrocarbon dew point, mechanical refrigeration, inlet separation / test separator, power generation units, instrumentation, control and automation, BOP utilities, and an option for a gas sweetening unit.  Enerflex oversaw local contractors to build and install.

    The plant processes incoming gross fluids, and exports oil and gas, according to customer specifications, which are moved by pipeline to the Sadad Production Station (SPS) approximately 13 km away. This 10-year BOOM contract has the option to extend for another five.


    This BOOM project is one of the largest contracts ever signed outside North America. Off-gas will be used to run the plant using gas turbines, with excess power transferred back to the client’s grid.