Large Inventory of Field-Ready Assets

Fast, Proven Results with Reliable Service

Contracting compression or power generation equipment from the Enerflex’s infrastructure asset fleet conserves capital as part of a strategic approach to developing field infrastructure. New production can be brought on stream quicker, new fields can be assessed, and throughput can be maintained during maintenance or shut-downs. Contracting solutions are faster and more flexible than commissioning new and our customers can expect delivery from available inventory in days, often within 48 hours.

Field-ready units are distributed from Enerflex’s standing inventory, then maintained and serviced by experienced technicians trained in the latest OEM equipment. Our troubleshooting field teams are supported by strategic surplus parts inventory, close to all major oil and gas basins. Each unit’s on-board telemetry allows for remote performance inspections of the equipment to help Enerflex technicians ensure runtime reliability.

Total Flexibility to Suit Highly Specific Operations

Solutions range from below 95 HP to more than 2,500 HP for varied midstream and upstream environments, serving a wide range of flow and pressure conditions. Equipment is highly portable and installations are fully compliant with all HSE indicators and capable of meeting the customer’s emissions requirements. 

Custom-engineered and fabricated compression and power equipment for longer-term rental solutions can also be provided.

Any of Enerflex’s compression or gas processing facilities are available using Enerflex’s BOOM model.

The Enerflex Global Infrastructure Fleet

  • Single well production, multi-well gathering, offshore, and midstream applications.
  • Small HP packages from below 95 HP to 999 HP for gas lift, booster / pipeline, or overhead applications.
  • Mid-size packages from 1,000 HP to 2,500 HP for gas gathering, residue, inlet, and reinjection applications.
  • Large packages from 2,500 HP to 64,000 HP for midstream applications.
  • Power generation fleet units from 100 kW to 4.5 MW on a single reciprocating engine.
  • Enerflex can provide complete balance of plant solutions and services including separation, dehydration, gas processing, and refrigeration.

The Enerflex Advantage

  • Flexibility to scale your equipment or facility up or down with minimal capital outlay – and ensure your equipment is always right-sized for its operating environment.
  • Wide range of fleet configurations ready to move. All units are operator-friendly and suited for both sub-Arctic and tropical climate operations.
  • Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance.
  • Quick response to unscheduled maintenance needs.
  • Lubricant, coolants, parts, filters, and consumables included.
  • Full emissions testing available as an additional service.
  • Ability to upsize or downsize equipment at any time throughout the life of the contract.

Enerflex in Action

  • Permian Basin, Texas, USA

    16 Gas Lift Compression Packages Moving 1.2 MMSCFD

    Enerflex Contract Compression responded to a rapid turnaround request from one of the industry’s leading players, with extremely high standards in equipment, regulations, and safety.

    Needing to move 1.2 MMSCFD, an aggressive timescale demanded a flexible approach. In conjunction with our after-market service, manufacturing, engineering, and design teams, Enerflex was able to retrofit new-build packages to match the customer’s higher specifications — in mid-build — while also retrofitting in-stock fleet to make the delivery deadline.

    Collaboration between Enerflex and our customer meant that more than 16 fully compliant CAT 3306TA gas lift compressor units were delivered flawlessly within three months.


    The customer reserved further units, indicating that Enerflex is now a strategic partner in their Pecos operations.

  • Wadi Latham, Oman

    Three Year Rental Agreement for a 5-unit Gas Compressor Station

    Enerflex was awarded the contract for the engineering, procurement, construction, operations, and maintenance of a rental gas compressor station. The three-year rental agreement was for five reciprocating compressors and a total gas inlet flow of 30 MMSCFD. Showcasing our global expertise and collaboration, the project was engineered by the Enerflex team in Abu Dhabi and fabricated in Houston.


    The plant is operated by the Enerflex MEA team in Oman at 97% efficiency.

    This solution was provided without compromising Enerflex’s commitment to the environment and safety. The utility air package at the gas facility ensures that the compressor packages are torqued without the use of process gas. This benefits the customer as the process gas saved can be used to bring in additional cash flow.

    Enerflex’s custom designed equipment allowed for accelerated site installation, ease of transportation, and reduced onsite construction. Through efficient planning and an effective team, the equipment was installed and mechanically completed two weeks ahead of schedule.

    The total man-hours worked on this project were over 197,000 with no lost-time incidents.

  • Fox Creek, Alberta, Canada

    Flexible Onsite Power Generation

    At a remote site near Fox Creek in northern Alberta, set-up operations demanded 1.2 MW of prime power generation. With no gas production on site, Enerflex worked with a gas supplier to deliver a trailer of compressed natural gas. We then deployed our brand new Waukesha 7044GSI S4 genset, which started immediately and ran flawlessly utilizing electric pumps. The client was able to move the unit to new locations as the need for pumps changed.


    The client has peace of mind knowing that the Enerflex team is watching over the unit, ensuring timely maintenance and avoiding downtime.