Single-Source, Innovative, Global Manufacturing

Technology-Led Centres of Excellence

Enerflex has over 710,000 sq feet of manufacturing capacity across North America, the Middle East, Australia, and Asia, which offer global capacity for modular natural gas processing, cryo, refrigeration, compression, water treatment, low-carbon, and power generation fabrication.

Enerflex’s workshops operate on SAP-based, lean manufacturing systems, with iMACS control engineering software, keeping them cost-competitive on a global scale. Facilities include a spool shop, beam profiler, plasma cutter table, and a computer-guided pressure vessel profiler. Technicians are trained to maintain the latest compression, processing, refrigeration, and electric power assets, as well as legacy units already in the field.

In every operational region, Enerflex has multiple facilities and service branches capable of complete retrofit, overhaul, and full build-outs. Highly skilled teams of engineers, technicians, multiple trades, and QA/QC specialists are trained to the standards set by our workshops.

Quality Management Program

Enerflex maintains products and systems that conform to the highest internationally recognized engineering standards. Within the USA, Latin America, and the Middle East, we have instituted a Quality Management Program based on ISO 9001. In Australia, Enerflex is certified by GRS (Global Registrar of Systems) with ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14000 (Environment), and ISO 45001 (Safety).

In Canada, Enerflex is accredited by NB, ASME, and PP. We hold U and R stamp Certificates of Authorization for the manufacture of pressure vessels and power piping, and a Certificate of Authorization from ABSA for manufacture, repair, and alteration of pressure vessels, fitting, and pressure piping.

Enerflex can manufacture to all major international standards such as API, ASME, CENELEC, NEMA, CODAP, CSA, CE Directives, GOST R, GOST K, ANSI, ABSA, ATEX, IEC, NEC, PED, DNV SAA, TEMA, and UL.

Continuous Improvement Leading to Execution Excellence

Enerflex’s single-source approach to manufacturing is guided by customer-centric metrics through the project life cycle, especially around on-time delivery and cost-competitiveness. A range of continuous improvement initiatives is shared Company-wide, and with vendor partners, leading to what we call Execution Excellence.

The Enerflex Advantage

  • State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located in North America, the Middle East, Australia, and Asia.
  • Over 1 million square feet of production capacity, with over 100 assembly bays, where expert trades safely deliver high-quality natural gas solutions.
  • Innovative and efficient technology, including beam profilers and plasma cutters, allowing for greater precision and reduced hours to complete a project.
  • Intensive programs in place, ensuring the safety of our employees and customers.