Hydrogen Solutions are Key to Decarbonization

Enerflex has the Expertise to Support Your Goals

There are many developments geared towards unlocking new markets for hydrogen, including steel manufacturing, clean ammonia, and heavy-duty trucks. Hydrogen replaces traditional fuels with clean-burning hydrogen derived from electrolysis and other methods.  It is seen as a key sector to achieve net-zero targets and deep decarbonization.

Compression solutions and H2 electrolyzer packages are required across the hydrogen value chain and Enerflex brings global knowledge of this solution, having installed multiple solutions and over 110,000 horsepower.

  • Already active: long-established compression partner to H2 incumbents.
  • Color agnostic with solutions for both blue and green H2.
  • Uniquely positioned to provide electrolyzer balance of plant solutions.
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Hydrogen Energy Solutions Across The Value Chain