Quick, Reliable, and Cost-Effective

Faster Gas-to-Market, Lower Costs

Enerflex offers an ‘off-the-shelf’ standardized compressor solution for rapid deployment in the field, based on our extensive experience and engineering knowledge of real-world gas operations.

Enerflex’s FASTRAK solutions are pre-engineered packages designed for speed of delivery and faster gas-to-market. Our lean manufacturing processes and continuous improvement initiatives allow for short turnaround times, while economies of scale in manufacturing and purchasing power are passed on to customers.

Flexible Design

FASTRAK is a standardized solution driven to maximize cost-competitiveness, and ease of installation, operations, and maintenance. They are designed and built with flexibility and can be quickly customized. 

Standard upgrades are part of our base design and built to include many additional options. In-house onsite construction, commissioning / start-up, and after-market services are available.


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